Top 3 IT Solutions for Small Businesses

While working one-on-one with small business owners, I have noticed many common IT missteps that have been taken by businesses in the name of “cost savings”.  Typically when a technical challenge is presented, the business owner takes the most inexpensive route possible to a solution- a classic case of being “penny wise, pound foolish”.  I’m definitely not advising one to choose the most expensive and complicated solution, however business owners must take into consideration industry best practices and recommendations.

To help you resist the temptation of focusing only on “cost”, I compiled a list of Top 3 IT Solutions where cost cutting should be ignored for the sake of growing your business.

Solution #1: Leverage Cloud Storage providers to Create, Collaborate, and Share Documents

Stop sharing documents to internal employees via email!  Setup Google Drive or SkyDrive and start collaborating in the cloud.  Google Drive is available through Google Apps for Work and SkyDrive is available through Office365.  Key features include:

  1. Share files and frequent updates to files
  2. Real-time collaboration
  3. Control File Access
  4. Accessible from any device (mobile, desktop, or kiosk)
  5. SIMPLE to use

To download the entire presentation on cloud storage providers for small businesses, please click here.

Solution #2: Select an Email Hosting Provider that’s going to keep your Emails Safe and SPAM Free

Industry reports show that email is the number one threat vector hackers use to gain access to an organization. Malicious email containing rogue links can wreak tremendous havoc on a small business. Many times these emails convince employees to  submit their network login credentials, which can potentially lead to the exposure of confidential customer and business information. Your email hosting provider is the first line of defense against these attacks, therefore hosting your emails with a reputable company that provides a strong email filtering engine is  very important.  Once again, I would recommend Google Apps for Work and Office365.

Solution #3: Backup, Backup, Backup your Data!

According to the 2014 Carbonite Report on the State of Data Backups for Small & Medium Businesses, 62% of small business reported a disruption to their company due to data loss.  Given the fact that there are many low cost backup solutions available on the market today, there is really no excuse for not having a backup solution in place for your business. I typically recommend both a local and cloud-base solution so that data can be restored in any disaster scenario.

To download the entire presentation on best practices for implementing a correct backup solution, please click here.

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